Just installing an AGV robot isn't enough.

To provide you with an optimal solution for your logistical and internal transport processes, we very much focus on your processes and on software and data integration. Just installing an AGV robot isn’t enough.

We have developed the following easy to use software systems to realise the maximum potential of your AGV vehicles:

Navigation software

MoviĜo Move

This advanced vehicle software functions as the “brains” of our robot AGV’s. It is responsible for the autonomous navigation, sensor & battery management, vehicle status information, safety & network connection to the MoviĜo Site management software. The independent safety system is responsible for maintaining a failsafe operation of the AGV.

Traffic management software

MoviĜo Site

This is our server based traffic management system that assigns and manages all tasks, send to and from the robot vehicles at your site. It decides which robot gets what task. It manages the traffic, the whereabouts and status of the tasks of the vehicles. It continuously optimizes and prioritizes the current missions according to your production or logistical processes for optimal performance.

Modifying, adding or remove Pick-up and Drop-off points is also managed from this system. MoviĜo Site is customised to every customer and offers a powerful on-line visual management tool for your fleet.

Vision software

MoviĜo Intelligent Camera Kit (MICK)

We have developed vision software to let our robot vehicles identify Auto ID’s like barcodes and QR. It can also be used to detect pallets or trollies that need picking up, or to find an available drop off location. The vision software works fully integrated with our traffic management software MoviĜo Site. It will offer you an alternative method of generating missions for your AGV vehicles and reduces manual operator input.

Data connection software

MoviĜo Connect

To get the correct data from and to the robot systems, we offer you a robust integration service with MES, planning & administrative systems as WMS/ERP. Using our own standardised connection application MoviĜo Connect. Which has a library full of standard interfacing modules which we use to link our robot systems to IT system that you have including the Cloud. With this framework we can also develop new interfaces for new systems. All data can be made available to your own business intelligence systems.