MoviĜo Robotics
Autonomous robot vehicles for practical industrial use.
We specialize in developing, delivering and implementing industrial indoor and outdoor AGV robot solutions.
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Ŝharko10 Industrial AGV

We have developed an industrial pallet transport AGV to support your internal production and logistical process. This AGV delivers high capability in an extreme compact design.

The indoor pallet AGV Ŝharko10 is especially designed to operate in areas where hand pallet trucks or pallet jacks are normally used. These are usually areas where a regular supply or discharge of pallets or racks takes place. Mostly from, and to, different locations such as in production and warehouse areas like assembly, packing, shipping etcetera. Our solution can minimize the amount of manual pallet handling throughout your processes.

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We are MoviĜo

We specialise in developing, delivering and implementing industrial indoor and outdoor robot solutions. Vehicles that can work alongside people in the same area. We focus on using the latest technology in software development and engineering but in the same time do not lose sight of the robustness and reliability required of industrial solutions.


Better solutions

We believe that our solutions are more successful because we focus especially on the optimisation of your production- and logistical processes and integrating them with our software and AGV robot solutions and not on just selling an AGV.

Advanced Robot AGV development

At MoviĜo Robotics we do our own mechanical- and software engineering. This enables us to customise our standard AGV robots to your production- and logistical processes. We can even completely design and realise a custom build AGV for you.

When developing a special robot vehicle we start at the beginning, that is your organisation and your processes. From an early stage of robot development our software engineers work closely with our mechanical engineers to ensure that we create the most robust industrial solution.

MoviĜo Move

This advanced vehicle software functions as the “brains” of our robot AGV’s.

It is responsible for the autonomous navigation, sensor & battery management, vehicle status information,

MoviĜo Site

This is our server based traffic management system that assigns and manages all tasks...

It decides which robot gets what task.

MoviĜo Connect

To get the correct data from and to the robot systems, we offer you a robust integration service with MES...

Using our own standardised connection application MoviĜo Connect.

Getting the correct data

And Integrating your indoor logistical processes

As robots cannot work without proper software and organisations cannot work without proper data we implement complete process oriented robot solutions. We guarantee that all relevant systems and people have access to the data they need to do their job. We bring data together, be it on an operational or management level. To achieve this we have developed MoviĜo Connect.