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Our Autonomous Mobile Robots: Ŝharko

We believe that just an AMR is only a part of the solution, not the solution. Just installing a few AGVs will not make the most out of your project. We deliver a combination of vehicles, software to make them behave smart, device- and system integration and services to create a smart factory solution.



pallet transporter

Ŝharko10 High Lift


 pallet transporter


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Best Robotics for commercial production

The best AMR for your process?

What vehicle is best for your payload? Get in touch and we can determine which AMR has the best fit.

Our Organisation

We are MoviĜo Robotics

We specialise in developing, delivering and implementing AGV industry 4.0 solutions. With very compact vehicles that can work alongside people. We focus on using the latest technology in software development and engineering but in the same time do not lose sight of the robustness and reliability required of industrial solutions.

Industry 4.0 IoT AMR

We believe that our solutions are more successful because we focus especially on the optimisation of your production- and logistical processes and integrating them with our software and AGV robot solutions. Our goal is not to just sell you some AGV’s, but to deliver you an industry 4.0 solution.

Horizontal pallet transport

We focus on horizontal transport. Our vehicles can collect payload directly from the floor, without the need of a transfer station. Depending on the height of the conveyor, the vehicle can collect payload directly from a production line.     

Robot Manufacturer and Software Engineering

At MoviĜo Robotics we do our own mechanical- and software engineering. This enables us to customise our standard AGV robots to have the best solution for your production- and logistical processes. We can even completely design and realise a custom build AGV for you.

When developing a vehicle, we start at the beginning: your organisation and your processes. From an early stage of robot development, our software engineers work closely with our mechanical engineers to ensure the most robust industrial solution.

Our Software Solutions

The AMR does the heavy work. Our software is designed to make it behave smart and efficient.

MoviĜo Intelligent Camera Kit

Vision software

MoviĜo Site

Order & fleet management software

MoviĜo Move

The “brains” of the vehicle

MoviĜo Connect

Integration software

Industry 4.0 AMR AGV Sharko10 Pallet Robot collects pallet from conveyor line

MoviĜo Button Input

Manual task generation software

What software products make your process more efficient?

Optimize your processes by making the AMR fleet behave smart.
Get in touch so we can see how we can further optimize your intralogistical processes.

Our Intralogistic Solution

How we create an industry 4.0 solution
1. Discuss your project
2. Analyze your process
3. Create project blueprint
4. Launch project

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