Ŝharko5 AMR

Revolutionizing the Print Industry production floor


The first AMR to collaborate with presses

The Ŝharko5 is a extreme compact industrial AGV that transports half (euro) pallets and small trolleys. It will operate in areas where floor space is scarce and can work perfectly together with hardware devices. A true industry 4.0 solution.


EDP Award Winner 2024

Best Robotics for Commercial Production

Printing Industry Pallet Automation

We developed the Ŝharko5 from the ground up to serve the Printing Industry. The small profile of the Ŝharko5 and its ability to pick up pallets from both directions gives it the unique capability to transport substrate to and from presses and independently manage buffer areas. The solution now becomes your Press Operator and your Operator now becomes its supervisor. This Innovation keeps your Operator focused at your presses and best of all, your fleet of Ŝharkos happily work all day and night and even on weekends, extending your workforce without extending your labor costs.

The Ŝharko5 is part of a complete solution consisting of not only a robot, but also comprises an intelligent software solution called INDI. INDI is designed to communicate with HP Indigo Presses and allows for interfacing with presses, manages pallet locations in the warehouse and manages pallet locations near presses and finishers. Combined with the Ŝharko5 autonomous mobile robots, the solution for pallet transportation performs throughout any Print Shop, saving manual labor and streamlining workflow while keeping the presses continuously operational. When paired with the HP Semi-Autonomous Press kit, the press and the AMR collaborate for synchronous operation. 



Ŝharko5 in action

Ŝharko5 AMR characteristics

Special features

To enhance your workfloor processes and supply your organisation with more relevant data the vehicle collects data through:

Auto ID (QR scanning)
Substrate height measurement
Weight registration

Integrated with HP Print OS

The Ŝharko5 is especially developed to automate transport in professional print shops. Together with HP Indigo we developed the Ŝharko5, so that it works together with HP Indigo series. The Press automatically sorts jobs by substrate and next finishing device, creating efficient pallet plans for production. Those plans are communicated to the Ŝharko5 proactively so it can retrieve the correct media from the warehouse before the Press is finished with the last media. The Ŝharko5 will replace the pallet and prepare any unused media for return to the warehouse. The Ŝharko5 will then pick up the finished pallet and bring it to the finishing device . 

Is the Ŝharko5 a solution for you?