Ŝharko10 High Lift AGV/AMR

Ŝharko10 AGV Industrial pallet transporter

Ŝharko10 High Lift

The Industry 4.0 Floor-to-Machine Pallet AMR

The Ŝharko10 High Lift version is the Ŝharko10 with smart lifting technology, resulting in higher lifting capacity a larger variety of carriers that can be transported than the regular Ŝharko10.   

Smart Factory Pallet Robot

We have have developed the most compact industrial pallet transport AGV to support your production and intralogistical processes. This AGV delivers high capability in an extreme compact design.

The pallet AGV Ŝharko10 High Lift is especially designed to support the transport of goods and materials in production environments. It will operate on the factory floor, where it will replace the use of manual pallet trucks or pallet jacks to perform the transport between different production or assembly lines, between production lines and warehouse, packing or shipping locations. Our solution can minimise the amount of manual pallet handling throughout your processes. Because the vehicle navigates autonomous, no physical changes to its area of operation is required.

Ŝharko10 High Lift Characteristics

Special features

To enhance your workfloor processes and supply your organisation with more relevant data the vehicle collects data. 

A few ways the vehicle collects data:

Auto ID (QR code scanning)
Front and rear 3D object recognition
Minimize lifting time
Weight registration

Carries more than EUR-Pallets

The Ŝharko10 High Lift can carry any type of carrier within the EURO-pallet envelop. If you have an odd-sized carrier, we are able to amend our vehicles so that it fits your carriers.

sharko10 pallet amr agv autonomous mobile robot transporting a pallet through factory
MoviGo Robotics Sharko10 autonomous mobile pallet robot AMR AGV with trolley at industrial laundry
Roll cages
MoviGo Sharko10 Autonomous Mobile Robot AMR AGV transports metal cage through smart factory
Metal bins
Sharko10 Autonomous Mobile Robot Transporting a Rack through Factory

Designed for production environments

The Ŝharko10 is especially developed to organise the transport in and around assembly, production and logistical processes. E.g. delivery of raw materials, parts, packaging, semi- & finished products. Many of the horizontal transport that is executed with manned vehicles can be performed with the Ŝharko10. It will maximize the capacity of forklifts and reachtrucks and minimize manned transport by performing many of the horizontal transport from highrise storage area’s to distribution or production areas. It’s ultra manoeuvrability makes it highly suitable for small and narrow areas and lanes. It’s small footprint and height, allows for using different routes when loaded or empty.

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