Drupa 2024

Join us in Hall 17

Showcasing the Ŝharko5 autonomous mobile robot

Düsseldorf, May 28-June 7, Hall 17

Join MoviĜo Robotics and HP at Drupa 2024 as we demonstrate the Ŝharko5 autonomous mobile robot, designed from the ground up to serve the printing industry. Find out how mobile robotics and our INDI software offer amazing ROI and seamless collaboration between presses, finishers and automated transport of media.

Live Theatre Shows, witness the revolution in the Printing Industry

At Drupa, we will show you how the Ŝharko5 transports media to and from presses and independently manages buffer areas. You can witness the robot solution actually driving into the press for loading and unloading.

Imagine your press operator becoming your supervisor. Imagine your fleet of Ŝharkos happily working all day and night and even on weekends, extending your workforce without extending your labor costs.

This printing industry solution is driven by custom made software called INDI. INDI is designed to communicate with HP Indigo Presses and allows for interfacing with presses, manages pallet locations in the warehouse and manages pallet locations near presses and finishers.  When paired with the HP Semi-Autonomous Press kit, the press and the AMR collaborate for synchronous operation. 

Come watch the magic during one of the live theatre shows at Drupa, Hall 17. Daily showtimes:

10:30 am – Live Theatre Show
12:00 pm – Live Theatre Show
1:30 pm –   Live Theatre Show
3:00 pm –  Live Theatre Show
5:00 pm –  Live Theatre Show
5:15 pm –   Happy Hour


A sneak preview of Ŝharko5 in action

Collaboration with HP

The Ŝharko5 has been developed in collaboration with HP, to automate pallet transport in professional print shops so that it works together with HP Indigo series. The Ŝharko robot solution is available via HP Digital Press and MoviĜo Robotics. At Drupa 2024, showcasing the Ŝharko5 in action is part of the HP Indigo Live Theatre Show.

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