Ŝharko10 AGV

Industrial pallet transporter

Ŝharko10 Industrial AGV

We have have developed an industrial pallet transport AGV to support your internal production and logistical process. This AGV delivers high capability in a extreme compact design.

The indoor pallet AGV Ŝharko10 is especially designed to operate in areas where hand pallet trucks or pallet jacks are normally used. These are usually areas where a regular supply or discharge of pallets or racks takes place. Mostly from, and to, different locations such as in production and warehouse areas, like assembly, packing, shipping etcetera. Our solution can minimize the amount of manual pallet handling throughout your processes.

Because the vehicle navigates autonomous, no physical changes to its area of operation is required.
Due to its very small size the Ŝharko10 can operate in areas where floor space is scarce, it can even use floor space under machinery or installations due to its very low clearance which makes different entry and exit routes possible and it can work in an area amongst people.

Ŝharko10 AGV characteristics

  • Very small dimensions wich offers maximum maneuverability
  • Easy to integrate with your production & logistical processes
  • Turns within its own lenght
  • 10 hours operating time on full battery
  • Charging time  >95% in 45 minutes (Opportunity charging possible)
  • Lifts 1000 KG
  • Can transport more than just pallets
  • WiFi connected to the traffic control system MoviĜo Site
  • Additional sensors and vision technology available

  • Easy integration of task data with back office systems
  • Flexible adding and removing of pick up & drop off points
  • Each vehicle can make use of all defined pick up and drop off points
  • Each vehicle can perform different transport tasks
  • Online fleet dashboard
  • Several functions to generate vehicle tasks
  • Easily maintained
  • No physical changes to area required
  • Extensive Data collection options

To enhance your workfloor processes and supply your organisation with more relevant data we can add additional functionality to the Ŝharko10 like:

Auto ID (Barcode & RFID scanning)

2 & 3D imaging

Thermal measurements

Load weight registration

Area of operation

Developed to organise the transport in and around assembly and logistics.

The Ŝharko10 is especially developed to organise the transport in and around assembly, production and logistical processes. E.g. delivery of raw materials, parts, packaging, semi- & finished products. Many of the horizontal transport that is executed with manned vehicles can be performed with the Ŝharko10. It will maximize the capacity of forklifts and reachtrucks and minimize manned transport by performing many of the horizontal transport from highrise storage area’s to distribution or production areas. It’s ultra manoeuvrability makes it highly suitable for small and narrow areas and lanes. It’s small footprint and height, allows for using different routes when loaded or empty.

Possible markets & industries:

Food production

Pharmaceuticals production & packing

Fabrication & Assembly

Third Party Logistics

Cold store services




If you can answer Yes to one or more of these questions
the Ŝharko10 AGV could be your solution for a more efficient internal transport.

Manned forklifts are driving a lot of the same routes after picking or placing in high rise storage areas

Manned pallet trucks or pallet jacks driving a lot of the same routes

High manual transport of raw materials, semi finished products, end products and packing materials to and from your workfloor production areas.

Manual stacking of pallet for transport routes

Unloaded pallets from trucks of containers are transported to fixed locations manually

Loss of production capacity due to workers leaving their stations to pickup or dropoff materials

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