Software products and services

MoviĜo On-Demand

Although our software is very flexible and supports many business processes, sometimes custom-build software is required to support company specific processes or functionalities. We design, develop and implement this software for you and make your data available using MoviĜo Connect.

Service and Support

Our vehicles often support key processes of our customers’ organisations. We understand that reliability is of utmost importance. That is why we provide you with all the necessary after sales service and will offer you a Service Level Agreement with 24/7 technical support if required.

Robot Operating System (ROS) Development Services

“We can make your robots find their way too”.

ROS development for third party robots

No robot can work without proper software. If your company wants to develop a robot, or robot vehicle for specific functionalities, yourself, we can help you develop the required software and deliver the software integration. We use state of the art software technology and incorporate this in a practical solutions to be utilized in different industries. We can offer you ROS Development and complete data integration services with existing back-office and database systems. We also have experienced mechanical engineers who support  you during the development proces. Please contact us and lets just talk over coffee (or tea).

Technology & systems

At MoviĜo robotics we develop all our own software using the open source standard of the ROS Industrial platform and .Net C# and C++ for application development.